A bit about the journey so far..

My name is Santron Thivaharan, I'm a graduate from the University of Nottingham and a former student of Bancroft's School in Woodford Green,

I started this tutoring business off in 2011 as a 2nd-year university student studying Medical Physiology,
Part-time work didn't suit my study plans so I wanted to find something that was both flexible and rewarding.

I was always interested in Science and my degree was enhancing my knowledge in Biology whilst also using a lot of the subject matter I'd learnt at A-level, so I decided to tutor. I started by advertising in the local area, then through family and friends. 

Fast forward to 2020, I have now helped over 60 students to pass their GCSE's, A-levels and get into university, 8 of whom are currently studying at medical school. 

 I have been consistently generating new students through word-of-mouth. Now with online tutoring options easily available, I set up this website to help expand my reach and help more students.

My approach is tailored to the student, my focus is on understanding how they learn best and then building their confidence in the subject, I help them develop a growth mindset and ensure they understand what they learn. Mentoring them is also part of my role, I feel it is just as important as helping them with the subject. 

Ultimately, I get to let these young minds have a bit of freedom to learn in their unique ways and it's about the most rewarding thing I do...